The issue of confidentiality is of great concern to young people. To enable them to build up and maintain a trusting relationship with the staff at the Centre it is essential they are aware that their visit is absolutely confidential. At TIC TAC the Confidentiality Poster is on display in various locations throughout the Centre including the two consultation areas. The young people are given numbered membership cards, but no record is kept of names. This helps to maintain a confidential system of recording consultations. Various forms are used for the collection of data for monitoring and evaluation, which the Co-ordinator fills in after the end of the session, but, again, nowhere is a students name held.


The policy of contraception is bound to raise concern among some parents, staff and governors and this issue, therefore, should be approached with care and diplomacy.

A set of protocols has been drawn up and agreed by the Management Committee of TIC TAC. These are followed by all staff and are for:

the times of consultations for pupils attending the Centre
for the issuing of condoms
for the issuing of oral contraception
for the issuing of post-coital contraception.